Wath is WSProfits 

is a free marketing system created by GDI affiliates (Independent Representatives) for GDI affiliates (Independent Representatives) like you, and is not operated or owned by GDI company. It is the system developed to simplify and automate the advertising and recruiting process and make it easier for every member of WSProfits to get new members.

We created WSProfits system to automate the entire advertising and recruiting process, and help our members focus more on their advertising and getting subscribers and signups.

The way this system works is fairly simple. You advertise your WSProfits landing pages, whether through our automated marketing softwares or by using any other advertising method you are familiar and comfortable with, and when someone visits your website and enters their name and email into the form on your page, requesting more information about GDI and this system, they become your subscriber and they automatically start receiving pre-written emails (follow-ups) from your autoresponder educating them more about the opportunity.

When they join you in GDI, they will be able to join WSProfits system as well and 

They will get access to all the WSProfits marketing softwares, marketing materials and support, so they can then start advertising their own WSProfits landing pages

This way, the WSProfits system, duplication is achieved much quicker, because the whole process is repeated again, and again, meaning, all the people that you, your members and their members introduce to GDI will all get access to WSProfits system to build their GDI downlines and at the same time yours as well

Visitors represent the number of actual people that visited your WSProfits pages. Unique visitor refers to the number of distinct individuals who have visited your pages during a given period, regardless of how often they visit, and visits refers to the number of times your page is visited, no matter how many visitors make up those visits.

Subscribers are people who visited your website (landing page) and filled out the form on your page with their name and email address requesting more information about the opportunity from you. Sometimes, they are also called “leads” or “prospects”.

Members are people who registered to WSProfits system through WSProfits registration link. Total number of members represent people that joined WSProfits system directly through your registration link and also people that joined the system through your WSProfits members’ links, 5 levels deep.

Step by Step